Hello Everyone,

It's looking very much like the Stratford Senior Center will be closed to us when it is time to have our Area Service Conference which, in May, is scheduled for the first Sunday of the month. Our policy is very specific in that we meet on a specified date, time and location. Since that location isn't available to us, a regular session of the ASC is not possible. However, the purpose of the SJASC is the coordination of NA activities and /or functions common to the various groups and committees comprising its membership. It exists to assist and support member groups in the fulfillment of their primary purpose. Through its structure, the Area provides two-way communication between member groups and N.A. as a whole. Since the vast majority of what we do at the ASC is share group and committee reports with each other to help fulfill this purpose, there seems to be no reason why we can not hold a meeting that lets the GSR's hear what the subcommittees are doing and give GSR's an opportunity to ask questions and give direction, as well as allow the group representatives to inform each other on how they are carrying the message during this time.

The meeting will take place at 1pm Sunday May 3rd. Meeting will open at 1230.

The meeting will be online and take place at the following link:


Meeting ID: 842 6279 4360
Dial in:
1-646-558-8656 US

This meeting is to give GSR's the opportunity to share with one another as well as hear what work the subcommittees that you have formed are doing on your behalf. I think everyone has been doing an amazing job given the circumstances and am incredibly proud to be a member of the South Jersey Area. Thank you all for your service. As always, any member with a question or concern can reach out to myself or any admin committee member from out contacts page.

In loving service,

Jason G.
SJASC Chairperson