Hello everyone,

Hope everyone is healthy and staying safe during these uncertain times. As everyone is aware we obviously didn’t meet in April. I thought it would be appropriate for me to update the GSR’s on some of the things that are going on within the area that you may not be aware of to have something to report to your groups. 

As I think most, if not everyone, is aware many meetings have moved to an online format. There are 41 groups posted on our website. 17 of which are using an account purchased and set up for the Area that any home group in the south jersey area can request the use of to host their meeting online, keeping in mind that only one meeting can occur at a time. Once we are back to conducting business their will be a motion requesting reimbursement. The rest of the meetings have either purchased their own account or are sharing an account with another group. Any group interested in sharing with another group can contact myself or the webchair to help facilitate that. I’d like to thank our webchair, Abdel, for all the great work he’s done helping to set all of this up. It’s truly amazing how quickly the groups came together to continue carrying the message. It is no small feat and a testament to the recovery within the south jersey area. 

Our area treasury is sufficiently funded to remain solvent for quite some time. I spoke with our treasurer, Mike T. He tells me we have $4080.66 in our account. We owe World Services for literature in the amount of $1600. He just received the bill and will cut a check in the upcoming week. Our remaining expenses when not holding area are about $100-$150 a month. Meaning that, even after we pay world, the amount of time we can expect to remain solvent without donations extends far into the future and should not be a concern. That being said, some groups may decide to take donations through their online meeting using one platform or another. To those groups, if you care to make a donation to the area we ask that you hold the funds until we reopen as we can only take the donation when in session. Our Treasurer is maintaining our account, paying what few bills come in and continuing to do what he can to serve the Area and for that I thank him. 

CAR motions and the WSC- I know a lot of you have did your part and voted on the CAR motions for this cycle. Unfortunately the WSC, as we know it, has been cancelled. In its stead, the RD’s representing the hundred and some NA Regions of the world have decided to have an abbreviated version of the WSC via an online meeting on April 24-26, April 29th and May 2-3. However they have decided to not vote on CAR motion in this online session. The agenda will be limited to an emergency budget, project plans, discussion and decision on the moratorium concerning the FIPT and various reports. Because it is online, interested members will be able to observe the partial, virtual WSC via a live feed of the online meeting. The link to that meeting will change for each session, and will be posted at the top of the WSC 2020 Virtual Materials page here shortly before each session is scheduled to begin. Those of you with your CAR motion votes should still send them directly to the Regional Delegate at: njrsc-rd@nanj.org.

I spoke to our H&I chair this evening. She tells me that they are meeting tomorrow, Sunday the 19th, via online meeting to discuss options of how they can carry the message to addicts in hospital and institutions. She attended the Regional H&I meeting online where other areas shared what they were doing and how it was working. No doubt much of this will be discussed at their meeting tomorrow. I thank her and her committee for carrying on in their work to help the still sick and suffering addict.

The Area activities committee hasn’t missed a beat through all this. They’ve managed to alter plans and put on online events for us all to enjoy, like the upcoming open mic night on April 25th. I’d like to thank the the Activities Chair, Jeff H and his committee for being there for us and continuing to be in service to the Area with great enthusiasm.

Our next Area Service Conference is scheduled to be held on May 2nd. As per policy, we are required to meet the first Sunday in May due to Mother’s Day. If the Stratford Senior Center is open to us on that date, Area will proceed as planned. However, I have strong doubts as to whether that will happen. There is no back up plan in place should that not occur. This leaves us in a bind. Area policy is that we meet on the second Sunday (first in May) at the Stratford Senior Center at 1pm and that we are in session until close of business. This cannot be altered except by vote of the GSR’s in regular session of the ASC, the double edged sword is that we cannot be in session to make that decision. Because of this, if the Senior Center is not open to us in time for May’s ASC, May’s ASC will be cancelled until we are able to meet again. The area’s purpose is to support and ultimately carry out the will of the groups, I believe it is important that myself, as Chair, and all the administrative and committee Chairs be responsible to the groups of the Area. I will continue to report to you via this model until we can meet again. If a GSR has a specific question(s) of any of the admin or subcommittee chairs, please feel free to reach out to them and/or me and we will do everything we can to get you whatever you request.  

It is unbelievably impressive the resilience all of the groups have shown in the face of this adversity. I am awed and incredibly grateful to share in our recovery with all of you. Thank you for helping me get another day clean. 

In loving service,

Jason G.
SJASC Chairperson